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The Learning Center of Hopkinton

TLC was founded in 2000 by Tricia Miller. Tricia is an EEC certified Director has a BS in Education & 27 years’ experience in the field. Today, she has her former students working with her. Each staff member is EEC certified and/or possesses degrees in Early Education and trained in CPR, first aid and professional development on a monthly basis that exceeds EEC licensing standards.

With safety as our number one priority, we maintain child-to-teacher ratios lower than those required by law. We also practice health and safety procedures to ensure a safe and wholesome environment.

The TLC facility includes state-of-the-art classrooms, a kitchen, and separate fenced playgrounds for each age-group, an area for scooter and bike use and a newly designed space used for enrichment activities including: karate with Villari's studio, yoga, music with Gerry, Compuchild and Tumblebus. The space is also equipped with a big screen TV and surround sound for a rainy day movie. The center also provides career development workshops to keep parents current with the latest techniques in quality child care.

Educational Programs for:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Kids Clubhouse for school age children
  • Summer camp

Infant Program – Little Tykes

Ages 3 months - 15 months
Full time only

The Infant program is designed for our youngest age group to interact, explore, and discover their world in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment that will assist them in achieving their first milestones. The educators in the infant classroom specialize in love, which means working closely with every parent in order to know and understand the needs of each child. Curriculum is supported by age appropriate sensory materials, assisting and fostering motor development and gradual introduction to the limitless world of capabilities.

We call our infant classroom the "Little Tykes" and support family interactions in every way possible. The Learning Center has an open door policy in all classrooms. Parents are encouraged to call at any time during the day to connect directly with your classroom educators.

Toddler Program – Tiny Tots & Small Fries

Ages 15 months - 2 years 9 months
Full time only

Our 'home away from home' nurturing environment and daily routine works together with our curriculum of multi-sensory activities including social development, music and movement, language arts, story time, math, science and arts & crafts. Our Tiny Tots are offered several choices and opportunities to foster their independence while nurturing them. While engaging in our hands-on Firefly curriculum, these toddlers can experience positive learning through play. Our educators provide the Tiny Tots with age appropriate centers which involve dramatic play, arts & crafts, sensory tables and a quiet area in which they can explore the wonderful world of books! Educators are there to encourage the children to discover these centers as an individual, while being cooperative with friends. 

Preschool Program

Krusaders, Little Rascals & Half Pints
Ages 2 years 9 months - 5 years 

Part time and full time available

Our preschool programs provides a nurturing atmosphere that truly recognizes your child’s individual needs and supports their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Readiness skills are reinforced daily through dramatic play, language, math, science, arts & crafts, movement, and computer use. Teachers plan and implement monthly thematic units with activities that are at the developmental level of the children. We have several classrooms for full time preschool students (Krusaders and Little Rascals) and another classroom for half-day preschoolers (Half Pints). Perhaps your preschooler is 3, 4 or 5 - we guarantee they will thrive! 

Clubhouse School Age Program

5 years - 12 years

School age kids
Full time only

One of the most popular programs is our Clubhouse - It is the place to be before and after school. Each day, our planned curriculum offers the social activities and daily challenges that interests school age children. Not only are they doing their homework before play, but their needs are cared for in a safe and caring environment.

The children read, complete homework (with assistance from team teachers as needed), and learn from each other. Homework contacts are read and signed by child and parent to insure satisfactory completion of the public school requirements. Early release and non-school days provide us with time to explore the interests of the children with hands on activities and culminating field trips for a well-rounded curriculum.