Why TLC?


Why TLC? Because kids come first. 

The difference between TLC and other childcare environments are the enrichment programs, summer camp and the loving, nurturing environment TLC provides year-round. From infant and toddler care to teaching children to read and helping with homework, TLC offers a wide variety of programs to enrich your children's daycare experience.

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Why TLC? Because Kids Come First!

Live Animals

TLC is a believer that animals can provide important opportunities for entertainment and learning. Our animals are excellent companions. They meet the emotional needs of our kids for love and affection. Caring for our pets also gives the children an opportunity to learn how to be gentle and responsible for others.  


Miss Elaine provides the children with an opportunity to use their energy in creative poses and stances that Yoga has to offer. The children are also taught how to use meditation when their bodies need time to rest.   


Villari's Martial Arts program offers children the ability to learn self-defense techniques, improve coordination, hone reflexes, develop self-confidence, self-discipline and much more. Each class is taught by a team of certified black belt instructors who's mission is to provide you with the highest quality martial arts training where each individual can reach their personal goals.   


The TumbleBus is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment bringing the best possible physical education class to the children at TLC. This program provides a unique and fun way for children to receive the physical fitness that so important to their development.   

Music with Gerry

Gerry has been part of the TLC family for over 10 years. We look forward to listening and singing with Gerry and can't seem to get enough. Whether he provides shakers, sticks, or plain old scarf's, Gerry always has a way of making us stand up and move to the beat.  

Amazing Athletes

TLC partners with Amazing Athletes to expose children to numerous sports and activities with the hope they develop their own passion and desire to purse one, if not many, throughout life. Students learn to respect adult instruction and follow directions. 

TLC Summer Program

Seamless Transition

The TLC Summer Program is the most cost-effective and fun-filled summer experience for your children from preschool through school age. With a seamless transition from school / childcare to summer fun, TLC remains your consistent child care provider throughout the entire year.

Hopkinton State Park

As part of the summer program, every Thursday, the clubhouse children will have the opportunity to choose a main, small group activity. Weekly options include: hiking, swimming, fishing and canoeing or kayaking. Sign-up sheets will be available each week for the clubhouse children to select a different option suited to their interests.  

Field Trips

Each week, TLC organizes at least one field trip for the summer program. Field trips culminate a week of organized activities based on summer themes. Each trip is an exciting adventure for your child. Staff actively work with the children to maintain optimum supervision and safety. High expectations are instilled in the children regarding positive behavior and rules while off-site, while representing TLC of Hopkinton and their families.


TLC's foremost concern is the safety of the children. Tricia has been organizing and conducting summer field trips including time at the beach with children for the past twenty-eight years. A well-seasoned staff works closely with Tricia to maintain optimum supervision and safety during the summer program.   Teachers diligently discuss the rules and prepare the children for the transition into summertime fun days. The teacher-to-child ratio will be very low-we are shooting for a 1:4 ratio within each age group. Each staff member will be responsible for a certain group of children on trip days. The director and the lead teachers will be overseeing the entire group. 

Parental participation in our summer program is welcomed and appreciated. A sign-up sheet for all field trips will be posted for all those interested in helping out during the summer program. And much more! 

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What Parent's are Saying

"We had our daughter in a more 'corporate' daycare center before we moved to Hopkinton. We love that TLC is sort of a blend of a structured learning environment with a homier feel. The staff is very caring and hands-on and our preschooler is thriving." 

" TLC is like a second home to the kids and I greatly appreciate the extra effort to make the kids feel comfortable. You go above and beyond to make TLC a special place and I cannot thank you enough for the love, care and support you provide for us." 

"I think it has been 5 years that the kids have been at TLC and I feel like we are part of your family. Dennis and Greta have learned unbelievable social skills and have grown into mature, independent children under your care. Safety is an obvious top priority at the Center and I never worry about the safety of my kids when they are at TLC." 

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